Why Should I Use Dehydrated Garlic instead of Fresh Garlic?

Dehydrated Garlic Powder

Every kitchen's assortment of spice blends must include dehydrated garlic as a condiment. The robust, slightly spicy flavor of the pale yellow dried garlic is well known and practically improves all savory meals. These garlic bulbs are very well-liked because they are just like real ones in terms of their fine nutritional content and freshness. When crushed, they release a distinctive scent that is distinctly pungent and pairs nicely with the majority of herbs and spices.

People use fresh, mature, farm-grown garlic to make dehydrated garlic, which is obtained from reputable suppliers. To guarantee that the peel is removed and the cloves are separated from it, garlic bulbs are gently twisted and broken into cloves. The cloves are then cleaned manually or with machinery. These cloves are mechanically cut into smaller, dried, and dehydrated pieces. After being cut to the correct size, these garlic pieces are filtered through a screen to ensure consistency.

Different Dehydrated Garlic Product Types in India

Garlic in India is available in the following forms: garlic flakes, powder, granules, chopped, and minced.

And there are many ways to use dehydrated garlic, including garlic flakes and cloves. These were typically used for fast food, hamburgers, salads, soups, and whole clove-sized cloves of garlic.

Powdered Garlic

These are commonly used as a seasoning in soups, sauces, curries, gravies, chicken, meat products, vegetable products, pickles, cheese, butter spreads, snacks, and specialty culinary preparations. They are also widely used as a seasoning in finely ground form.

Dehydrated Chopped Garlic

The majority of the time, chopped garlic is used in dishes where a strong garlic flavor and taste are needed, such as pickles, dry mixes, sauces, canned vegetables and meals, meat products, and other ethnic foods.

Garlic Granules

These are frequently used in salad dressing as well as to season gravies, curries, sauces, dips, cheese snacks, rice mixtures, seafood, stuffing, pickles, bakery goods, etc.

Minced garlic is used to prepare food, sauces, meatballs, salad dressings, and dry casserole ingredients because it is cut into smaller, more precise bits.

Understanding Why People Prefer to Use Dehydrated Garlic

Garlic that has been dried out keeps its flavor longer than fresh garlic, which eventually starts to sprout. Products like dehydrated Garlic powder in India also lessen stomach infection due to its antibacterial properties but in a much milder form. Dehydrated garlic is easy to use because it doesn't need to be peeled and chopped. And by using less dehydrated garlic, you can acquire the same amount of nutrients as 6 raw cloves. Consequently, you reduce the amount used.

Dried garlic improves the flavor and taste of any prepared meal and simply needs to be lightly toasted with oil or butter or lightly browned on its own for a little period. Additionally, one's health gains greatly from this. With the caveat that it needs to be reconstituted in a little water for 2–5 minutes before being added to any recipe, dehydrated garlic can be a wonderful substitute for fresh cloves and be just as effective.

Dehydrated garlic has the additional advantage of being less likely to burn when cooking than fresh garlic. With the knowledge that it won't immediately burn, you can sauté it in oil or butter for a short period until it turns brownish. You can also use dehydrated garlic in the form of garlic powder for meals like soups, stews, sauces, or dips that just need a small amount of garlic as a flavoring flavor rather than as the main ingredient.

During the dehydration process, great care is taken to preserve the flavor, aroma, and color of garlic which are part of its natural origin. Therefore, nothing is lost. For those who are concerned about their health, dried garlic is ideal. You can try it if you're one of them too.

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Utilizing Dried Garlic in Your Baked Goods

You'll probably be surprised by the variety of uses for dehydrated garlic powder in India in baked goods when you start using it. Dehydrated garlic can be used to enhance the flavor and quality of culinary products, whether it is inside or on the outside.

Utilise Dehydrated Garlic in Dishes

1. Without adding any more liquid, garlic powder is a terrific technique to improve the flavor of food items. If a fine texture is desired, garlic powder should be used instead of other types of garlic. In bread, cookies, crackers, pretzels, and other baked items, garlic powder works fantastically. It can be added to the breadcrumb mixture or blended into the dough. Be cautious in using a small mesh strainer to eliminate any extra pieces that could clog up equipment before blending in your dehydrated garlic powder.

2. Garlic flakes are an excellent choice when adding a garlic flavor to your snacks. Rolls, focaccia bread, pizza crusts, and tarts all benefit from the addition of garlic flakes. Additionally, you can roll them in pretzels and gluten-free crackers.

3. Salted snacks, puff pastries, and salted biscuits all benefit greatly from the addition of dehydrated garlic granules.

4. When preparing garlic bread, add dehydrated garlic powder to the dough as you mix it, and use the granulated dehydrated garlic to sprinkle on top of the loaf. And a deeper aroma and a richer flavor will be added to the garlic bread thanks to the twofold dose of garlic.

5. To increase the flavor of the finished croutons, sauté the bread cubes in oil and garlic bread while creating the croutons.

6. And to increase the flavor of your bread, the simplest approach to utilizing dehydrated garlic is to mix it into the dough. You can combine minced, dehydrated garlic with water and add it to your dough to give it the flavor of garlic bread. Your bread will taste better than ever, thanks to the mild cheese flavor that is provided by this.


A common ingredient in many cuisines, dehydrated garlic can be used to impart a flavor that is both delicate and nuanced. You can manage the amount of garlic flavor that is added to your baked items, and it is a more affordable approach to acquire the same fantastic flavor that you would typically find in fresh garlic.