Dehydrated Garlic Powder

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Being Garlic Powder Manufacturers, our product is a perfect taste enhancer with superb health benefits.

Dehydrate Garlic Powder Exporters

  • Ingredients: Garlic
  • Variants: 8-16, 10-20, 16-26 Mesh
  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • Origin: India
  • Packing Available: 12.5 Kg Bags / 1 Kg Packs

Bagora Dehydrates, one of the best garlic powder manufacturers, has immense experience in supplying dehydrated products. Our team consists of seasoned professionals who use the latest methods and machinery to make dehydrated garlic powder. We can efficiently manufacture a high quantity of garlic products for clients all around the world.


Pure and hygienic
Excellent taste
Top quality
Always Fresh
Rich in Aroma
Perfect Packaging

Uses of Dehydrated Garlic Powder

Experience the aromatic essence of Garlic Powder India, a versatile ingredient adored in delicious curries, snacks, and sandwiches. Sprinkle on soups and salads for an extra burst of flavor. Embrace the health benefits of garlic powder from India, which is known to aid in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. Indulge in nature's culinary remedy. Discover the secret ingredient that will transform your culinary creations into masterpieces.

Garlic Powder India

  • Number of manufacturers and exporters projected to grow steadily
  • Export volumes estimated to increase by ~11% Year-on-Year
  • Saudi Arabia and UAE expected to remain leading export destinations
  • Emerging markets like Qatar, Oman and Kuwait likely key targets
  • Total exports could reach 5,600 tonnes by 2023

The projections indicate continued healthy growth for Indian garlic powder exports driven by rising demand in the Middle East and Gulf regions. Investments to expand production capacities will further strengthen India's exporter base annually.

Dehydrated Garlic, rich in vitamins A and C, possesses potent antibacterial and antifungal properties, aiding in boosting the immune system. And by enhancing immunity, it becomes a formidable weapon against colds and the flu. Bagora Dehydrates, one of the premium Dehydrated Garlic powder exporters and manufacturers, brings you the epitome of culinary perfection. We export our premium garlic products to China, India, the USA, Europe, and beyond.

India's Leadership in Garlic Powder Production and Exports

As the second largest producer of garlic in the world, India has a strong foundation to lead garlic powder manufacturing and exports globally. Ideal climatic conditions for growing garlic combined with advanced processing infrastructure have enabled India to become a prime exporter of garlic powder.

Major garlic powder manufacturers are concentrated in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. These companies operate large production facilities equipped with the latest dehydration and grinding technologies to produce high-quality garlic powder in bulk quantities as well as consumer packs. Stringent quality assurance practices are followed throughout the supply chain right from procuring fresh garlic bulbs to precision grinding and packaging.

Reputed Indian garlic powder exporters supply their products to markets across the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Whether it is pure garlic powder or blended spice mixes containing garlic powder, Indian suppliers are renowned for providing exceptional quality and consistent taste along with competitive pricing. With rising demand and steady production scaling, India is fast emerging as the world's reliable garlic powder sourcing hub.

As Garlic Powder India continues to expand its production capabilities and extend its global exporter networks, the country is projected to consolidate its leadership in the international garlic powder trade in the coming years.

Bagora Dehydrates is committed to supplying premium quality garlic powder in China, India, the USA, Europe, and other parts of the world.

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Options Processing Method Standard Cuts
Roasting Available Air Dried Granules: -80 + 40
Powder: #60
Diced: 3/8"
Year Number of Manufacturers Number of Exporters Export Volume (Tonnes) Major Export Markets
201938253,600Saudi Arabia, US, Malaysia
202041284,000Saudi Arabia, UAE, Sri Lanka
202146324,500Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar
202251365,000Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman
202357405,600Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait
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