Bagora’s Smoothly Minced Garlic is Perfect to Enhance the Taste of Any Dish!

Chemical-free dehydrated minced garlic is just an order away!

Dehydrated Minced Garlic

  • Ingredients: Garlic
  • Variants: 8-16, 10-20, 16-26 Mesh
  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • Origin: India
  • Packing Available: 12.5 Kg Bags / 1 Kg Packs

Bagora Dehydrates exports tons of minced garlic to countries all around the world. We have a highly advanced manufacturing facility consisting of the latest machinery to clean, dehydrate, mince and pack garlics. The quality of the garlics that we use is our core strength. We have a specially dedicated quality team. We are committed to supplying pure dehydrated minced garlic to companies all around the world.


Pure and hygienic
Excellent taste
Top quality
Always Fresh
Rich in Aroma
Perfect Packaging


Finely diced garlic is the backbone of many Indian curries and dishes. It is a fantastic, natural taste enhancer that is used widely to make many soups and stews. Minced garlic in India is also used to make sauces and dips. Chefs often sprinkle a bit of dehydrated minced garlic to uplift the flavors of any dressing.

Bagora Dehydrates exports minced garlic to USA, Europe, Asia and many other places. We specially procure high-quality garlics for mincing. Our advanced facility is equipped with internationally certified machinery to dehydrate and mince the garlics.

Most importantly, we use a sustainable and chemical-free process to manufacture our dehydrated products.

Contact us to buy our tasty, aromatic and flavorful minced garlic and Minced onions at reasonable cost.

Options Processing Method Standard Cuts
Roasting Available Air Dried Granules: -80 + 40
Powder: #60
Diced: 3/8"
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